Does File Already Exist?

Does File Already Exist?

Postby wizzkidd on Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:27 am

At first you may think this is a FSO thing, but taking a second look, it doesnt seem so, unless im mistaken.

Imagine that you have a zip file called '' that contains:


however, myfile1.jpg, myfile2.jpg and myfile3.jpg already exist on the server in a folder called "myUnzipDir"

The files within the are completely different from the existing ones in the myUnzipDir, and I would like to keep both, but when i perform the unzip routine they files are not replaced nor added in any other way! Is there a way that i can rename these files so that i can keep all 6 files (the 3 new files from the zip, maybe with a new name), and keep the 3 files on the server untouched?

Any ideas?
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