File Size Limits

File Size Limits

Postby stephen.oneill on Wed May 31, 2006 11:56 am

Hi there,

I was wondering what the filesize limitations of the ASP EasyZip Pro component are?

I have found that I'm unable to create a zip folder of 2.5GB, and if I zip manually I am still unable to unzip the folder using ASP EasyZip.

The following are some properties of the object that I thought might be pertinent. These are from trying to do an UnZip operation, but the "Error - no zip file specified!" message occurs regardless of whether it's a Zip or UnZip.

Notice how ZipFileName is blank even though I have set this in my code.

Code: Select all
Version: aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) PROFESSIONAL REGISTERED (ZipDll ver.172 UNZipDLL ver. 172)
SuccessCNT: 0
Error: 10102
LastMessage: Error - no zip file specified!

With Debug set to true I get this output:

Code: Select all
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: DEBUGGING ON
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: Sets ExtrBaseDir to D:\Inetpub\Talmos_FTPRoot\FileSystem\UpFile\j00087\{5334FB88-1F39-4288-B29D-4BE5C33DC4B6}
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: Set_ExtrOptions [1]
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: Set_ExtrOptions [ setting ExtrDirNames ]
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: UnZIP []
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DLL DEBUG: Error - no zip file specified! (0)
aspEasyZIP 3.21 (04/02/04) DEBUG: SuccessCnt returned 0

The braces in the filepath aren't the problem, and I have no problems with smaller files.

Your help is appreciated.

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