Undocumented Error Code

Undocumented Error Code

Postby ben on Thu Oct 31, 2002 7:22 pm


Ive been using the EasyZip component within a VBScript file and when it processes i receive an error message in objZip.Error of 48, but with nothing in objZIP.LastMessage, the zip file does not get created and the objZip.SuccessCNT value is 0. Ive been running this component on a WinNT machine with success but now that i have ported the same code to a Win2k box i get this error. I have included the code i am using to show what i am doing... An ideas? Im really stuck...

set objZIP = Createobject("aspZip.EasyZIP")
objZIP.ZipFileName = "test.zip"
objZip.AddOptions = AddDirNames + AddRecurseDirs + AddSeparateDirs
objZip.ArgsAdd(ExportTempDir & "*.*")
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Postby John on Tue Nov 05, 2002 3:06 am


Didn't get any notice from you about changing the security permission. Also, did you use version 2.33 or are you using the Beta 3.0

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