Table Headers in HTML

Table Headers in HTML

Postby Darshiva on Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:39 pm

Hi John,
I am using the enterprise edition of of easypdf. I am trying to create a dynamic multi page document from asp produced HTML. I have got no problems with setting the margins, patterns etc for the page. I am however stumped as to how to get a table to redraw its headers on a page if the pdf expands onto a new page as the pattern from page 1 will not be the same as later pages.

Is there a way that I can reset the pattern for the headers for certain pages. I have included a link to a pdf that is being created, and would like help / ideas on how to get page 3 of the document to contain the table headers from the table that was started on page 2.

Just to point out there isint always going to be 3 pages, there could be hundreds in thoery.
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