Document Formatting, field placement & errors.

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Document Formatting, field placement & errors.

Postby Erwin on Thu Jul 28, 2005 8:20 pm

Sorry for long post but all related.

1. Is there a way to place for example @rs("Ready_Date")... time_hour... time_minute... time_ampm in document within one string? I have these four (4) variables but am running out of space in doc when designing since I am placing each individually. Now I have all four on TOP of each other and displays correctly but in visual design it's a mess.

2. When placing variables i.e.: @rs("LEN_1") variable produces an error when compiling & testing. Always gives:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000D)
Type mismatch: 'PDF.AddTextPos'
/PickUpOrder.asp, line 89

then I delete the offending "variable" in VisualEasyPdf, skip couple of lines and add "another variable" and it continues to work. But somehow I am skipping required variables for the client document.

Have checked, double checked 10x checked synthax, and it's right but cannot get rid of this damned error?

PDF.AddTextPos 23.99976, 615.99968, rs("QTY_1")
PDF.AddTextPos 336.00024, 512, rs("INSURED_VALUE")
PDF.AddTextPos 176, 616, rs("LEN_1")

Line 89 points to rs("LEN_1") but it's right. It's the right variable.

What gives?

thank you & rgds,
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Postby John on Fri Jul 29, 2005 10:01 am

1. For the 4 variables you may concatenate the text like

@rs("Ready_Date") & " " & rs("time_hour") & " " &rs("time_minute") & " " rs("time_ampm")

2. Make sure the contents are not null or convert the record set into a string this way it will convert the null to an empty string which wont give any error:

@CSTR( rs("LEN_1") )
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