version 4.30 bugs

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version 4.30 bugs

Postby danielC on Wed May 02, 2007 12:17 am

I think VisualEasyPDF's version 4.30 is nice but it contains a lot of major bugs that make it nearly impossible to use for a professionnal project with short deadlines

List of Class A bugs :

1/ Impossible to use the undo function even with its shortcut : ctrl +z
2/ Impossible to create precise straight lines
3/ Impossible to modify the code and see the result in the viewer
4/ Sometimes when you modify a text its position changes
5/ Sometimes some lines became invisible when rendering the pdf
6/ Sometimes the background color of a block disappears and reappears when changing the color
7/ It is impossible to change the grid spacing to be able to put elements very precisely

note : I am using the french version

Are you guys going to upload a new version soon fixing those problems ?
Am I the only one encountering those bugs ?

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