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Download Help CHM file

Download documentation in PDF format  ( not included on the installation program )

How to install the component

Copy the following files to you WinNT/system32 directory, it can be also any directory if  you have it on the search path:


The start a command shell and write the following:

cd c:\winnt\system32\   ( or the directory you copy the files )

regsvr32 easyzip.dll      

Note: If this is an update, then you have to stop the IIS service and also the IIS admin service.

How to use it

See the examples section

Check on the faqs to see how to add write permissions on a directory to work with zip files, these is only when you use the all the functions except the list zip contents. 

How to remove it

If you have stopped using it and you want to remove it, you only have to stop the IIS type the following sentence:

    regsvr32 /u easyzip.dll

This will unregistered the file and then you can delete all files from aspEasyZIP


Where creates the temporary files?

At the same directory where it zip and unzip, so take care of the write permissions. Starting version 2.1 you can set the temp directory.

I always get an error of write permissions?

This is usually the problem of a bad configuration on the IIS and the security option. First check on the IIS the directory security option, go to modify authentication control and anonymous access, then check the user for anonymous, usually is IUSER_MachineName, but could be whatever, make sure the password is the same.
Then go to the directory where you are setting the zip files and check the security page, and add write permission to the user.

How I remove this message appearing every time I use the component?

You have to register the software and pay a small amount of 50US$, I will send you the component that removes this message. You can register it at  regsoft

I wish to compress a whole directory

With the new version 2.0 you can specified the properties when compressing, just add the following instruction:

Zip.AddOptions = AddRecurseDirs + AddSeparateDirs + AddDirNames

Remember to define the constants on the source

Can I use it on the Visual Basic

Yes, go to the examples to view a sample on how to use it.

The WaspZip component does the same but also sends an Email, how I do that with the aspEasyZIP?

The aspEasyZIP doesn't integrate the SMTP protocol on the component and there is no plan to use it on the near future, but there is a way, if you use the w3 JMail component that is also freeware. Look at this example:

Compress the files as seen on the examples section then add the following:

Set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail")
' This is my local SMTP server
JMail.ServerAddress = ""

' This is me....
JMail.Sender = ""
JMail.Subject = "Here you go..."

' Get the recipients mailbox from a form (note the lack of a equal sign).
JMail.AddRecipient ""
JMail.AddRecipient ""

' The body property is both read and write.
' If you want to append text to the body you can
' use JMail.Body = JMail.Body & "Hello world!"
' or you can use JMail.AppendText "Hello World!"
' which in many cases is easier to use.
JMail.Body = "Here you go. Your request has been approved" &_
"and the program is attached to this message

' Must make sure that IUSR_???? has access to the following files.
' And you have compress the file with the aspEasyZIP
JMail.AppendBodyFromFile "e:\mail\standard_footer.txt"
JMail.AddAttachment "e:\products\"

' Send it...