This component is freeware but it has a small limitation, when zipping and unzipping it will display a message on the html page and it will put a reminder file inside the zipped file, if you want to remove the message and the reminder file then you should register. 


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  12 November 2004



3.30  ( 12/11/2004 )
Added rename function
3.22 ( 04/04/2004 )
Bug removed when decoding large MIME strings
Bug removed Encoding and Decoding Binary strings
3.21 ( 04/02/2004 )
UnZipString was getting an exception and was hanging the IIS. Corrected and added exception controls.
3.2 ( 02/02/2004 )
compress and encode strings / decode decompress string
3.1 ( 20/11/2003 )
Added new functions that controls the corruptions and ZIP repairs ZipCheck and ZipFix
Calling destroy several times does not hang the component, even if this is called on the ASP page.
3.01 ( 20/07/2003 )
Removed warning message 10502 from error codes
3.00 ( 17/02/2003 )

New version library
Zip Items
Extract base dir
RootDir property was locking the directory
Debug is compatible with VB messages, no more html codes
Solves the nasty bug D:\ Write permissions. Thanks to Nicolas Sporn to be so patient to test it until we found it.
More debug options. Debug the DLL libraries
Dynamic DLL loading when needed
List contents of a ZIP doesn't need the libraries any more.
You can set a different directory for the ZIP.DLL
New installation program
New help file 

2.31 ( 12/05/2001 )
Small bug found that when unzipping was locking the whole directory making it undeletable after finishing the unzip method. 
New installation program to make it more easy to install and using it, even registering is more easy with aspEasyREG program.

2.3 ( 27/04/2001 )
 Added the GetZipItem_CDateTime that returns the date time in windows format and not the Zip format returned by GetZipItem_DateTime easyZip.txt.
 Added the EncodeUU and DecodeUU, using the standard that uses WinZIP. ( Exchange zip files into different platforms )
 Removed a bug from the registered version that was causing by RemoveZIP when selecting files that were not in.
 Changed the way that is stored the easyZip.txt on the freeware version, this removes the full directory that is stored when using the root property.  

2.21 ( 11/03/2001 )
 Removed a small bug that was ignoring the extract options.

2.2 ( 09/01/2001 )
 Added a new property "RootDir" for working with relative paths on the zip archive.

2.1 ( 18/12/2000 )
 Fixed a bug when Unzipping and not specifying the ExtrBaseDir
 Added a new property to specify the temp directory to be used for zipping and unzipping.
 Added debug information on some methods and properties that I forget to put on the 2.0 version.
 For the unregistered version now adds a reminder file when zipping and unzipping, these has been done because some people were able to hide the reminder messages. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2.0 ( 01/08/2000 )
 Major new functionalities on the zip, like see the contents of a zip file and delete items on the zip.
 Also a new professional version where you can handle encryptions, with password protected. And create self auto extract option with zip files, converting a zip file to an exe one. ( Only Win32 )

1.01 ( 19/06/2000 )
 Revision 01, added a new property LastMessage

1.0 ( 01/02/2000 )
 First version


The version of aspEasyZIP is based on the Info-Zip libraries.