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How to install the OCX component?

Copy the following files to you WinNT/system32 directory, it can be also any directory if  you have it on the search path:


The start a command shell and write the following:

cd c:\winnt\system32\   ( or the directory where you copy the files )

regsvr32 activeeasybarcode.ocx

Note: If this is an update, then you have to stop the IIS service and also the IIS admin service.

How to remove it?

    regsvr32 /u activeEasybarcode.ocx

This will unregistered the ActiveX control, then you can delete all files from activeEasyBarCode normally located on Program Files \ MITData


Please see the PDF forums section as it is being updated daily with questions, suggestions and other useful examples. The questions below are some of the most common questions we’ve received in the forum.